If you have a large area of wall space, and want to make a striking artistic feature, then a gallery wall is the way to go; and a mixture of our framed large and small Wrendale Design prints are perfect for the job. The matching nature of the mounts and frames we use results in an excellent, light and quirky theme, full of charm and humour.

So, it’s then a question of deciding how big you want to make it and its shape, which will really be dictated by the size and layout of the wall you want to use. Is it along a hallway, or up a staircase, or even the main wall of a living room or bedroom?

How to create a gallery wall:

You now need to decide on the number and arrangement of the different sizes of print to form the display grid that suits your wall. Draw a diagram to help you choose the best structure. The next, great part of the job, is to pick the prints you like best. Do you want to go for an animal or bird theme – or perhaps a mixture of both?

When it comes to then hanging the arrangement, use a tape measure and spirit level to get the grid right, and whether you’re using picture hooks or just screws and rawlplugs, don’t be afraid to keep repositioning them to get the levels correct. The main thing is, if you feel that the grid doesn’t look quite right, keep changing it until it does. You’re going to look at it for a long time afterwards, so make sure you’re happy with it. A few extra holes in the wall are easy enough to fill! A good tip is also to put a small piece of blu-tack behind the bottom corners of the frames, to stop them from moving about, when dusting, for example.

But all this is well worth the effort. It is a really fun and striking way of displaying a collection of prints that will transform the entire feel of your room.